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The following is a brief, but not all-inclusive, list of websites with practice tests and classes students can take here in Omaha.

Online Test Preparation:
Do not use a site if it asks for personal information unless you have discussed it with your parents.
To use Test Prep sites asking for user name and password, have your parents help you make one up.
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Organization Name Web Site / Telephone What they offer:
ACT/PLAN http://www.actstudent.org/ Online Practice tests & Test taking strategies
Books, CDs available for purchase
Online Practice tests & Test taking strategies
Books, CDs available for purchase
Baylor Test Prep


(402) 475-PREP

Classroom course specific to ACT, PSAT, or SAT
Test taking practice, review of all aspects of the test
ACT classes offered at Millard West & Westside HS
Assistance League of Omaha (402) 342-4288 Classroom course specific to ACT or PSAT
Test taking strategies and review
Offered at Westside High School
SAT and ACT courses available
Test preparation books available for purchase
Huntington Learning Center www.huntingtonlearning.com
(402) 884-4407
Individual Testing and Tutoring
Reading, Study Skills, Writing, Phonics, Spelling & Math
Cambridge http://www.cambridgeed.com/ Online classes & practice tests
Diagnostic Assessment Services
Software available for purchase


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