Mrs. Segal -- Language Arts 1 and 2
Monday, January 24 --- Friday, January 28

LA 1
LA 2



Vocabulary discussion

Write vocabulary definitions on Vocab. Sheet

Read: The Sneetches by Dr. Suess

No Homework


Review definitions

Partner activity to review "We Are One"

"Activating Background Knowledge" review sheet

No Homework


Begin reading The Gold Cadillac

Homework: Lesson 9 Reading New Words in Context


Activating Background Knowledge Post Test

 Start Independent Nonfiction Novel

No Homework


Check Lesson 9

Discussion:  The Gold Cadillac   TM 353

Assign:  The Gold Cadillac worksheet...collect at the end of class, finish Thursday, if necessary.

No Homework

   Independent Nonfiction Novel

Do: BKWLQ in packet

This packet will go into your SLC binder.

No Homework


Finish The Gold Cadillac worksheet, if necessary.

Check and discuss.

Begin reading The Bracelet in the Literature book.

(Books are in the cupboard)  TM 356

Homework: Lesson 10: Reading New Words in Context


Independent Nonfiction Novel

Do "Types of Context Clues" in packet

No Homework


Finish reading The Bracelet


Homework: Prefixes: Negation and Number worksheet


Independent Nonfiction Novel

Do "The 5 W and H" in packet

No Homework

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