8th Grade American History

Eller - February 14
Reference Sources:
Library of Congress
Library of Congress: American Memory
Smithsonian Institution
The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
Nebraska Studies.org
  Our Country's Important Documents
General American History America's Freedom Documents
Growth of a Nation Historic Texts
A Short American History Textbook Our Documents
History Teacher. net The Bill of Rights: The First 10 Amendments
The Bill of Rights
Early Settlement and Colonial Era The United States Constitution
Jamestown (Interactive site from the History Channel) Amendments to the Constitution
Jamestown - National Geographic Interative Constitution
Save Our History: Live from Jamestown  
Colonial America
Jamestown: JamesQuest - Discovering Virginia's First Colony Library of Congress
Jamestown: JamesQuest - Discovering Virginia's First Colony
The Jamestown Rediscovery Project
The American Revolution  
The American Revolution The American Government
Women of the Revolution The American Presidency
African-American Patriots The Presidents
Famous Patriots CongressLink
The 1800's
Lewis and Clark Links, including the Corps of Discovery - The Others
John Brown Map Collection
PBS:  John Brown Historical Maps
John Brown's Raid  
John Brown and the Harper's Ferry Raid  
Charles White's Account of the Raid at Harper's Ferry  
African Perspectives:  John Brown
The Trial and Execution of John Brown Miscellaneous
John Brown:  An Address by Frederick Douglas on the 14th....   Engaging Students in American History
Undergroudn Railroad Site: John Brown   Mr. Kash's History Page
John Brown Retried   For Fun:  Test your Social Studies Skills
Jefferson County Civil War Page: John Brown What REALLY Happened on the First Thanksgiving?
John Brown's Raid, 1859
Music: John Brown's Body Native Americans Links
Mrs. Sullivan's Native American Study Chart and List of Links
The Civil War


The Civil War Page      Cherokee Nation - Oklahoma
National Geographic - Map Machine - Civil War Collection      Cherokee - North Carolina
Images of the Civil War Chickasaw:
     The Chickasaw Nation
Sioux Wars      The Chickasaw People
Sioux Wars - Eller Seminole:
       The Seminole Tribe of Florida
Teacher's Corner      Seminole
Using Primary Sources  Choctaw:
     Choctaw Vision
       Choctaw Indian.com
    Creek Indians
    An Introduction to the Creek Indians
Five Civilized Tribes:
      Link to Trail of Tears -- turn the sound off or down
      The Inter-Tribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes



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