6th Grade Math 
General Practice
** Brain Workout ** King's List of Online Math Activities
Interactive Math Games - all kinds of skills Math Facts Games and Other Practice Links
Math Games All Math.com - Fun and Games!
Math Links for All Grades More Math Games
Miscellaneous Math Links Number & Operations Manipulatives    (Interactive) 
Specific Skills
Academic Skill Builders Games Bug2
Arcademic Skill Builders   Gamequarium: VK Variable Math
6th Grade Activities from iKnowThat.com Cool Math
KS2 ByteSize Revision A Math Dictionary
Rainforest Maths Clara Fraction's Ice Cream Shop
Illuminations:  Activities 'Comparing all Three' Game
Least Common Multiple Math Splat
Fraction Frenzy Gamequarium - Decimals
Math for Everyone The Factor Tree Game
Playing with Fractions - Decimals - PerCents Area and Perimeter
Pie Chart Create a Graph
Evaluating an Expression with Two Variables Diffy
Fishy Fractions Fraction Games
CyberChase - Games Central

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