Forces, Motion and Energy

Online Chapter Study & Review
Chapter 1 - Motion, Force, Friction and Gravity  


Simple Machines QT movie

Chapter 2 - Newton's Laws of Motion  
Chapter 3 - Pressure  
Chapter 4 - Work and Simple Machines  
Chapter 6 - Heat and Heat Transfer  

Newton's Laws of Motion

Newton's Laws of Motion - NASA



Newton's Laws of Motion  
The Physics Classroom: Newton's Laws of Motion  
Isaac Newton - PBS  
ScienceMaster - Newton's Laws of Motion  
SciLinks - Measuring Motion
Principles of Aeronautics ***   How a Gyroscope Works
Making Sense of Motion - Marble Roll Experiment ***   How Gear Ratios Work
Water Spinner Experiment ***   The Science of Baseball
Investigate and Report on Friction ***   Amusement Park Physics
    Make a Basketball Jumpshot Every Time
*** intended for teachers, but could be used by students    
SciLinks - Forces
Catapault Experiment ***   How a Gyroscope Works
Simulated Luge Experiment ***   How Gear Ratios Work
Rescue Mission Game ***   Inventor's Toolbox: The Elements of Machines
Forces of Flight ***   Make a Hoopster
MouseTrap Vehicle ***   SeeSaw Physics
"Ski Jumping" Experiment ***   Skateboard Science
Condiment Diver ***    
Air Bags and Collisions ***    
*** intended for teachers, but could be used by students      
Other Links
Forces Lab - PBS   Simple Machines - Galileo's Experiments
The Physics Classroom: - lots of topcis covered here   Rube Goldberg
     1-D Kinematics - 6 lessons   Mechanical Clocks:
     Newton's Laws - 4 lessons  

* Brief History of Clocks

     Vectors - Motion and Forces in 2 Directions - 3 lessons  

* History of the Mechanical Clock

     Momentum and Its Conservation - 2 lessons  

* Inside the Mechanical Clock

     Work, Energy and Power - 2 lessons  

* Putting the Pieces Together

     Circular Motion and Planetary Motion - 4 lessons  

Inventor's Toolbox

     Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity - 4 lesons  

Inventor's Workshop

Simple and Complex Machines   Gadget Anatomy

Simple and Complex Machines Interactive



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