Cells, Heredity, and Classifications

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Chapter 1 - Cells Structure and Function

Click on photo for orignal article and picture of this onion cell.
Chapter 2 - Mitosis
Chapter 3 - Heredity and Meiosis
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General Links about Cells and Heredity
The Gee! in Genome      FAQ's about Genomes Determining Your Traits
The Gene Scene ** Quia: Heredity Vocabulary
Genetics Web Lab Directory** Animations
DNA Interactive
SciLink:   Heredity - HSM0738 SciLink:   Phenotypes - HSM1135
Transcribe and Translate a Gene Putting DNA to Work
Sex-Linked Genes    &     Sex-Linked Genes Quiz The Geee! in Genome
Who Do I Look Like?  Family Tree Game & Rules What Makes You...You?
Inheriting Eye Color Journey Into DNA (PBS)
BioLogica: Mendel's Peas Web Lab Breakthroughs in BioScience
Jumpin' Genes! (Meiosis) How Characteristics are Inherited - an easy explanation!
How Gene Pools Work
SciLink:   Dominant and Recessive SciLink:   Meiosis
The Geee! in Genome Dragon Meiosis
What Makes You...You? How Cells Divide: Mitosis vs. Meiosis (PBS)
Dragon Meiosis Meiosis - 1
Breakthroughs in BioScience Meiosis - 2
How Characteristics are Inherited - an easy explanation! Cell Division
Genetic Traits on the Boot Jumpin' Genes! (Meiosis)
Incomplete Dominance and CoDominance  
How Gene Pools Work  
Determining Your Genes  
DNA 50  
The Human Genome Quiz  
Twins Quiz  
SciLink:   Genotypes SciLink:   Genetic Diseases, Screening, Counseling
Putting DNA to Work Putting DNA to Work
The Geee! in Genome Animal Clones: Double Trouble?
What Makes You...You? Transcripts by Topics
Journey Into DNA (PBS) Breakthroughs in BioScience
Breakthroughs in BioScience FAQ's about Huntington's Disease
How Characteristics are Inherited - an easy explanation! Huntington's Disease Information Page
Dragons Huntington's Disease
Genetic Traits on the Boot Center for Disease Control: Diseases and Conditions
Incomplete Dominance and CoDominance Cloning
How Gene Pools Work How Cloning Works
  A Brief Primer on Genetic Testing
  Smart Mice
  Your Genes, Your Health
Genetic Science Learning Center - University of Utah Other Sites to Explore:
Genes:  A Tour of the Basics Cloning
Inside a Cell Dolly:  The Cloning Process     &    A Picture of Dolly
Build a DNA Model GaleNet: Cloning
Discover How Proteins Function  
What Makes a Firefly Glow?  
Conservation Genetics  
Genes and Blood Type  
Genes Determine Body Patterns  
Mystery of the Stolen Artifacts  
Bringing RNA Into View  
Glossary - 1 Glossary - 3
Glossary - 2  


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