Banner in the Sky
James Ramsey Ullman

As you listen to the story of Rudy Matt and the conquest of the Citadel in Switzerland, answer these questions as a way of helping you follow the tale:

1. The Citadel is one of the greatest mountains in Switzerland, but the people of the village of Kurtal call it the Rudisberg, which means:

2.  How old was Rudi Matt?

3. What job did Rudi have? 

4. Who was Joseph Matt?

5. Where did old Teo once go with Joseph Matt?

6. What plans does Rudi's mother have for his future? 

7. What dream does Rudi have?

8. Rudy prays at a shrine built in memory of whom?

9. What is an ALPENSTOCK?

10. What prevented Rudi from reaching the top of the glacier he was climbing?

11. What did he use for a rope to rescue the trapped climber?

12. Who is Captain John Winter?

13. Why has Captain Winter come to Kurtal?

14. Who is Emil Saxo, of the town of Broli?

15. Did the villagers of Kurtal like the people of Broli?

16. (FRAU means Mrs.  Frau Matt is Rudi's mother; Franz is Rudi's uncle.)  Why were Franz Lerner and Frau Matt angry when Rudi got back?

17. What was the nature of Captain Winter's business with Franz?

18. Why did Franz allow Rudi to climb with him?

19. What did Rudi dream that night?

20. What does Rudi keep tenderly folded in a chest?

21. How did Rudi get the climbing boots and axe?

22. What is the Fortress?

23. Why does Franz think of the Citadel as a "Killer" mountain?

24. Why did Rudi go off alone?

25. Who saves Rudi after the rock slide traps him?

26. What is the "worst of all sins a mountaineer could commit?

27. How did Joseph Matt really die on the Citadel, according to Teo?

28. Who does Rudi believe is in the old hut near the Citadel?

29. Who else does he find there?

30. Where was Rudi positioned on the rope as the three men climbed? 

31. Why did Franz want to go up the mountain?

32. Who, according to Teo, is the only real man in the valley of Kurtal?

33. What harm came to Captain Winters in the avalanche?

34. What does Captain Winters think would be the best way around the Fortress?

35. What does Winters ask that angers Saxo?

36. Where does Rudi go, against Winters' orders?

37. What does Rudi find that may be a way past the Fortress? 

38. What prevents Rudi from climbing up to the top, right then and there?

39. Where does Rudi find shelter?

40. What is Teo's last bit of advice for Rudi?

41. Often, who was in the lead as they climbed?

42. Why was Rudi the only one who could get up the cleft in the rock of the needle?

43. Why does Franz insist that they stop?

44. Where has Saxo gone that morning?

45. What decision did Rudi have to make when Saxo fell?

46. In what way was Rudi acting like a guide of Kurtal?

47. Why did Rudy decide not to call Captain Winters and Franz for help?

48. Who is the true conqueror of the Citadel?

49. What flies on the top of the Citadel?

50.  What has Rudi learned through this experience?





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