Japanese-Americans and World War II

Daily Assignments

Day 1 - March 15
In Class:

Go over the Learning Goals for this unit.

The Pledge of Allegiance of the United States ends with the words '...with liberty and justice for all.' What is justice?

Are there any groups of people in our counlry who might question whether or not "justice" is for ALL?

Homework: Begin collecting images for your Animoto slideshow.  Each image must be saved as a .jpg  or .gif file. Save the images in your server folder.
  Study the vocabulary words.
Day 2 - Tuesday, March 16.
In Class: View this PowerPoint.

Study these timeines: 

     * Densho Timeline - What laws were passed to discriminate against the Japanese?
     * A More Perfect Union Timeline - How would you describe the attitudes of American people toward the Japanese?
     * IM Diversity
     * PBS Internment History
Read the Historical Overview by JACL.
Homework: Finish reading the timelines. 
Day 3 - Wednesday, March 17
In Class: Read the blue packet: "Exploring the Japanese-American Internment"
Homework: Finish reading the blue packet.
Day 4 - Thursday, March 18
In Class: Read the yellow packet.

Complete as much as you can of the white worksheet.  Use the timelines, blue packet, yellow packet, or other web links. 

  There may be some answers you cannot find yet.  We will answer those later.
Homework: Work on the assignment.
Day 5 - Friday, March 19
In class: Discussion of information from the blue and yellow packets and the white worksheet.
Homework: Read the following:
  Confinement and Ethnicity:   Chapter 1   (online version)            *** For easier reading:  Read this pdf version.
  Confinement and Ethnicity:   Chapter 3   (online version)             *** For easier reading:  Read this pdf version.
  Begin working on your projects.  See the Project List at the bottom of the page.
Day 6 - Monday, March 22
In class: Learn how to use Animoto to make a slideshow:   www.animoto.com   (REMEMBER:  WE WILL BE USING AN EDUCATION ACCOUNT.)
Homework: Work on research and your projects.
  Continue to read about life in the internment camps.    Use:   a) Blue and Yellow packets    b) Links listed below   c) Books/Encyclopedias       d)  Google Search
  For information on camps see the links in the Purple section below.
Day 7 - Tuesday, March 23
In class: Read the "Secret Munson Report"         (Read it online.)      What is the date of this report?    What were the conclusions of this report concerning the loyalty of the Japanese-Americans?
  Read the "Exclusion Order" Poster       (Read it online.)       What is the date of this document?
  Read "Executive Order 9066"      (Read it online.)                   What is the date of this document?
  Read "The Bill of Rights -- The First 10 Amendments to the U.S Constitution"      (Read it online.)               Answer the questions on the page.
  Read "The14th Amendment, Section 1"     (Read it online.)   Answer the questions on the page.
Homework: Finish the above.
Day 8 - Wednesday, March 24
In class: Read "The Civil Liberties Act of 1988"      (Read it online.)      Answer the questions.
  Read "An American Promise"     (Read it online.)
  Read "The Official Apology" from President Bush     (Read it online.)
  Read "JACL's Historic Accomplishments"     (Read it online.)           Answer the questions on the page.
Homework: Finish the above.
Day 9 - Thursday, March 25
In class: Complete the Haiku project.
  Work on your projects.
Homework: Work on your projects.
Day 10 - Friday, March 26
In class: Discussion.  Go over all the worksheets that have been assigned.
Homework: Work on your projects.
Day 11 - Monday, March 29
In class: View Part 1 of the video: Without Due Process
  Discuss video, reminder about assignments, work time.
Homework: Work on your projects.
Day 12 - Tuesday, March 30
In class: Read the yellow handout about Terminology/Vocabulary.  Review the timeline.
  Work on the Crossword Puzzle and your projects.
Homework: Work on the Crossword Puzzle and your projects.
Day 13 - Wednesday, March 31
In class: Finish the video.
  Work on anything you need to finish.
Homework: Work on anything you need to finish.
Day 14 - Thursday, April 1
In class: Work on your assignments and projects
Homework: Work on your assignments and projects
Day 15 - Friday, April 2
In class: Check all assignments and turn in projects. 

I will check with Mrs. Segal and Mrs. Costello to see if they will allow you to turn in your projects AFTER Spring Break.

--  Vocabulary Project:  Make a Wordle, collage, mobile, etc. to display the vocabulary words that we have discussed that represent bias, prejudice, etc.
--  Concept Wordle:  Make a Wordle to represent the main ideas, words, etc. that are important in this study.
--  Diary: Study online references about Life in the Japanese-American Internment Camps.  Write a diary as if you were a child in one of these camps.
--  Write a Haiku poem describing life in the camps.
--  Animoto Slideshow:  Make an Animoto slideshow showing images that represent the important ideas from this unit.
--  Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle
  Japanese American Internment Project:  "Dear Miss Breed" Letters
breed Clara Breed Letter from Margaret Ishino
Leaving Home Letter from Fusa Tsumagari
Home Away from Home Letter from Louise Ogawa
The Slow Return Letter from Tetsuzo Hirasaki
Legacies Richard Karasawa & David Kicuchi:  Whose Story?

Exploring the Japanese American Internment:  The Camp Experience
The Relocation of Japanese Americans   (scroll down to the section on the camps)
Maps of the Camps and Centers
Food in the Camps
Life in the Relocation Camps
War Relocation Authority Camps - Evacuees Arrive at the Relocation Camps
War Relocation Authority Camps - Building the Relocation Camps
War Relocation Authority Camps - Relocation Camp Life
War Relocation Authority Camps - Social Life
War Relocation Authority Camps - At Work in the Relocation Camps
War  Relocation Authority Camps - Views of the Arizona Relocation Camps
  Internet References and Resources for this Unit  -- large collection of links
Smithsonian National Museum of American History -- A More Perfect Union
JANM -- Japanese American National Museum
JARDA -- Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives
IN TIME & PLACE: The Japanese American Internment
More Vocabulary words
Exploring the Japanese American Internment:        pdf version
Densho: The Japanese-American Legacy Project
The Relocation of Japanese Americans
Causes of the Japanese-American Incarceration    (pdf version)
PBS: Children of the Camps - An excellent source of information with multimedia.
The Civil Liberties Act of 1988
The Aftermath - An Apology - Was this a fair settlement for the families that were interned in the camps?  Why or why not?

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