8th Grade Seminars

UNMC Thursday day program - Students highly interested in a medical career will get exposed to various aspects of medical careers during 4 visits to the University of Nebraska Medical Center campus. The UNMC educational director will determine the opportunities each month. Participation in this seminar requires you to enter a project in the UNMC Science Meet held in April. You may develop a project of your choice. Space is limited to 5 per participating middle school, so an application and essay process is required to determine participants.  This opportunity is also available on Saturdays, but parents must provide transportation.  See Mrs. Brodeur for the papework if you want to attend the Saturday sessions.

City Planning You will plan and build a model city to scale in this two-day seminar. Build your knowledge of scale and city needs and develop your problem solving and negotiation skills while collaborating with your peers.  The final city is complete when all 6 sections are joined together.

There will be an Open House for your parents and the public to see your final product at Kiewit Middle School on Thursday, Sept. 13 from 5 - 7 p.m.


Advanced Theater - This full-day advanced theater workshop will provide students an opportunity to explore three different theater topics, such as improvisation, acting, playwriting, design, ensemble work, stage combat, musical theater choreography, etc. The workshop also includes a tour of the building and a question and answer period with a theater designer.

Music Alive - The Omaha Symphony partners with Nebraska Shakespeare to present a Shakespeare play. Students will discover that the powerful intertwining of music and theater will enable them to experience this classic as never before. The concert is presented with an interdisciplinary approach that strives to connect music to other art forms such as a drama, literature, and visual arts, while featuring the standards of orchestral repertoire. The event is held at the Holland Performing Arts Center downtown.

GeneticsStdents will travel to the UNL East Campus in Lincoln to work with Dr. Lee in the process of extracting soy DNA. They will also tour the animal and food science areas of the campus. We end our trip with a stop at the campus deli for ice cream. Students with a high interest in pre-med, veterinary science, food science and genetics would enjoy this experience.

Mock TrialThis seminar involves learning about the legal system and what it would be like to be a lawyer. Students will visit the Federal building and possibly witness Douglas County or U.S. Federal Court proceedings on the first day, and then they will participate in litigating a mock case with the assistance of guest attorneys on the second day. The case changes from year to year.

Writing Workshop
Writers’ Workshop - Students will work with instructors from UNO to try new writing forms and strategies, as well as develop those they possess.

Engineering - 8
Engineering - Students will learn how forces, materials, loads and shapes can impact the stability of engineering. Architect Mark Chalkley will present information on the building of the First National Bank downtown. Students will also explore the fun and creative sides of engineering by designing and competing in teams while building the tallest tower, a well-engineered “car” with Life-Saver wheels, and an “egg bungee-drop.”

Straw Bridges - Students will learn about several basic bridge building engineering styles and techniques. We will investigate the engineering of bridges through photos and the internet. After learning these concepts, we will form teams of three and make bridges from plastic straws.


"Thinking About....Thinking" Games - Challenge your brain and have fun solving puzzles, ridddles, problems and more.  Both online and hands-on opportunities to get your brain matter churning!



Expanding Your Horizons8th Grade Girls only - This is an experience offered for girls to help them learn about engineering, medical, and math careers. It is a one-day workshop at Bellevue University.


White House Decision Center Students will ride a tour bus to the Harry Truman Presidential Library in Independence, MO, where they will research and become familiar with issues pertinent to the presidency by acting as members of Harry Truman's presidential cabinet and the press corps.





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