7th Grade Seminars

ForensicsCSI - Study crime scene investigative techniques and learn how science (and insects!) can help solve crimes. Guest speakers enhance the experience with visual presentations of crime scenes.

Writers’ Workshop - Students will work with published authors to enhance their own writing skills in this one-day seminar. Published Nebraska authors will present background information on activities and engage students in writing original pieces. Students and authors will share their writings at the conclusion of the day.

Weather and Aeronautics - Students participate in various learning activities related to weather topics, then tour the StratCom base weather station and participate in a practical application of what they’ve learned.

Algebra in Engineering - Participants will use their math skills and higher-level thinking skills to complete building activities related to engineering. After their building project is finished, a competition will be held to test the strength of each structure.

Flash Animation - Macromedia Flash! Students will learn the techniques of computer animation. Our presenter will be a student of computer technology from the Peter Kiewit Institute at UNO. He will guide us through the techniques used to create computer-animated movies.



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