6th Grade Seminars

Biodiversity - Students will explore similarities and differences of animal and plant life of prairie, woodland, and aquatic biomes at Henry Doorly Zoo's Wildlife Safari Park located just west of the Platte River and south of Mahoney State Park.

Celebrate Creativity - This is an event sponsored by the Joslyn Art Museum, the Omaha Theater for Young People, and the Omaha Symphony. Activities vary per year, but give diverse opportunities in the areas of art, drama, and music. Our experience culminates with a performance by the Omaha Symphony.


Architectural Styles - Students learn about basic architectural styles by studying early Greek and Roman buildings. A presentation by a local architect adds to the informational portion of this seminar. Then students tour the downtown area of Omaha to see the various styles of architecture on landmark buildings.

Archaeology - Students will be involved with hands on experiences, examining artifacts and determining their uses. They will be encouraged to bring an artifact found in their own home. This seminar is an extension of the 6th grade social studies unit on Egyptian history.

Global Positioning We travel to the Peter Kiewit Institute where students will work in a computer lab to learn about Google Pedometer, Google Earth, and the basic GPS handheld unit. Then students will go out for a geocache, a treasure hunt using the GPS units. After lunch, students will take a guided tour of the Engineering labs.

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Oceans: Coral - Did you know that the Henry Doorly Zoo grows all of the coral you see in the displays in the Aquarium? Come learn about their coral-growing program and dive into the ocean depths with the iMax film Deep Sea 3D . Students will also participate in activities to broaden their awareness of ocean life and conservation.

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Writers’ Workshop Students will participate in creative writing exercises and various types of writing: shape poems, haiku, cinquains, descriptive, etc. A trip to the Omaha World-Herald may be part of this experience depending on availability of the staff at the OWH.

Lauritzen Gardens – Papermaking & Drawing - Students will spend a day at the Botanical Gardens taking for a class on papermaking and spending time sketching in the beautiful fountain area of the inside gardens.


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